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Single product

What is it?

First of all, let's point out that a standard product page contains navigation menu, which allows to navigate the store freely. "Add to Cart" button, price tag and delivery details are also present on the page, along with item description. A typical sight for anybody who is familiar to online stores.

A single product landing page is something different. It is a landing page dedicated solely to a single product of an online store. Product details are the same, but the page and its elements are presented in a very engaging manner that catches your eye. No navigation, no other products, no ads, no menus, in other words — no distractions.

An awesome single product website example from Eldin Heric:

in case you wonder

Here are some elements one can implement

  • a notification area can inform customers that this is a special offer and they are about to save some money
  • Implementing a special countdown timer can motivate a customer to act quickly and be more passionate about decision making
  • an outstanding header can enhance the engagement of a customer
  • a proper high res image gallery can catch the customer's attention and spend some additional time on the website, mentally making one step closer to initial purchase
  • interactive slideshow, video background showcasing the product can help customer get a deeper understanding of product specifics
  • a slideshow of customer reviews and testimonials will massively boost potential customer's trust and push one towards a purchase
  • FAQ section is helpful to cast last of customer's doubts aside and help him make a decision

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